A mobile appli­ca­tion is used to fol­low up COVID-19 patients in home iso­la­tion in Soite

Central Ostrobothnia Joint Municipal Authority for Social and Health Services Soite has begun using a mobile application for following up persons who have COVID-19 and are in home isolation. The application makes it easier to follow up persons who have COVID-19 and makes it possible to be in contact with professionals in Soite.   

The health status in persons who have COVID-19 can change rapidly. That is why it is important to follow up the symptoms on a daily basis. When a person has been diagnosed with COVID-19, the infection prevention unit in Soite gives him/her instructions on how to install the BuddyCare app on their phone. The app is used to gather information on how the symptoms in persons with COVID-19 develop during the home isolation. If the threshold values that health care professionals have determined are exceeded when it comes to symptoms, the personell at Soite’s infection prevention unit is notified on their own program, and the patient gets help for his/her symptoms at the right moment.

In addition to symptom check-ups, a person with COVID-19 can use BuddyCare to communicate with health care personnel, and the health care personell can contact the patient via the app. The app gives persons with COVID-19 peace of mine as they know their health status is followed up electronically and as they know they can use the app to easily contact a professional in soite if needed. The app can also be used to distribute important and current information for the users of the app.

The app relieves the pressure of Soite’s nursing personnel by automatizing the symptom check-ups. Until now, the patients have been contacted by phone and information has been collected manually in charts. Thanks to the app, the personnel no longer needs to make so many phone calls and resources are freed up for tracing infections.

The BuddyCare app is also used at the outpatient clinic for internal medicine in Soite for patients who are coming for a colonoscopy. During the spring of 2020, Buddy Healthcare developed a version of the app that hospitals can use to follow up persons with COVID-19 at a distance. Soite began using the system in following up persons with COVID-19 in November.

Soite has actively made use of electronic channells during the coronavirus pandemic: it is possible to book an appointment for a coronavirus test via the Omaolo application, and it is possible to receive the results from a coronavirus test to one’s mobile phone. With the BuddyCare app, persons who have COVID-19 will also be able to use electronic services. The electronic services complement other ways of doing errands and care practises in Soite.


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