A rec­om­men­da­tion on the use of face masks

Has been updated on the 5th of October 2020

The group of regional authorities that consists of Soite, the Regional State Administrative Agencies, The Finnish institute for health and welfare THL and the Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment assessed the situational picture concerning the coronavirus epidemic in Central Ostrobothnia on the 5th of October 2020. The group deemed that Soite’s area is still on the base level when it comes to the epidemic, despite an increased number of coronavirus cases.

A broader recommendation on the use of face masks is in effect in Central Ostrobothnia.

The use of face masks is recommended for people over the age of 15:

  • in public spaces, stores and in other places when running errands outside the home
  • in public transport and in the transport of persons who belong to an at-risk group
  • at upper secondary institutes (vocational training and upper secondary school) and at universities of applied sciences and universities
  • when going to coronavirus tests
  • when returning to Finland from a risk country
  • face masks can also be used in other situations, if it is impossible to maintain safe social distances.

A face mask is one method for preventing the spread of coronavirus infections. It is still of utmost importance to maintain:

  • a safety distance of 1–2 meters anytime this is possible
  • to wash one’s hands
  • to cough into one’s elbow or into a disposable handkerchief
  • to avoid touching one’s face
  • to avoid public places if one has symptoms.


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