A rec­om­men­da­tion on the use of face masks

Has been updated on the 13th of January 2021

The Soite region has moved into base level. A broader recommendation on the use of face masks is in effect in Central Ostrobothnia.

The use of face masks is recommended for people over the age of 12:

  • in public spaces, stores and in other places when running errands outside the home
  • in public transport and in the transport of persons who belong to an at-risk group
  • at upper secondary institutes (vocational training and upper secondary schools) and at universities of applied sciences and universities
  • when going to coronavirus tests
  • when returning to Finland from a risk country
  • face masks can also be used in other situations, if it is impossible to maintain safe social distances.

A face mask is one method for preventing the spread of coronavirus infections.

Stop the coronavirus from spreading:

  • If you have symptoms, stay at home and seek out coronavirus testing early and even if you only have mild symptoms
  • Use a mask
  • Wash your hands or use hand sanitizer often
  • Cough into your sleeve or into a handkerchief
  • Keep a distance to other people
  • Install and use the Koronavilkku coronavirus app
  • Get vaccinated when it's your turn


Instructions on the correct use of face masks


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