After you have been test­ed for the coronavirus

After the coronavirus test you need to be in home quarantine until the test
result has come back. The results come back on average in 1-5 days. You can receive your test result from a coronavirustest as a text message on you mobile phone, you can check the test result on the My Kanta Pages or you can contact your health care station to ask about the results.

If your coronavirus test is positive, Soite's infection prevention unit will call you.

If your health deteriorates, call Soite's common emergency clinic, 06 826 4500 (persons who have turned 16) or the paediatric emergency clinic, 06 826 4444 (persons who have not turned 16). Please mention during the call that a coronavirus test has been taken.

If you are diag­nosed with the coronavirus

If your coronavirus test is positive, Soite's infection prevention unit will call you to discuss further measures. Soite’s infection prevention unit follows up your health actively during the entire home isolation. The health status in persons who have COVID-19 can change rapidly. That is why it is important to follow up the symptoms on a daily basis.

The mobile appli­ca­tion Bud­dy Care is used to fol­low up your health

When you have been diagnosed with COVID-19, the infection prevention unit in Soite gives you instructions on how to install the Buddy Care app on your phone. The app is used to gather information on how your symptoms develop during the home isolation. If the threshold values that health care professionals have determined are exceeded when it comes to your symptoms, the personnel at Soite’s infection prevention unit is notified on their own program, and you get help for your symptoms at the right moment.

You can also use Buddy Care to communicate with health care personnel. The health care personnel can also use the app to contact you. In other words, it is easy to be in contact with professionals in Soite via the app.

The app can also be used to distribute important and current information about the coronavirus.


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