Changes in open­ing hours in Soite due to the coro­n­avirus epidemic

Most of Soite’s ser­vices func­tion normally.

There are changes in the open­ing hours and in the func­tions in the fol­low­ing units due to the coro­n­avirus situation:

The list has been updat­ed on the 3rd of May 2021

  • Health care station services
    • The health care station in Koivuhaka: the station functions on a smaller scale, i.e. the station is only open for those who have booked an appointment to a doctor or a nurse. These arrangements continue until the 7th of May 2021.
    • Some of the units that take laboratory samples function on a smaller scale from the 18th of March through 17th of May 2021:
      • The health station in Kälviä 3 days --> 2 days/week
      • The health station in Teerijärvi 3 days --> 2 days/week
      • The health station in Alaveteli 2 days --> 1 day/week
  • Antenatal classes and introduction to the delivery unit are arranged via the internet.

  • Day and work activities function with special arrangements until the 30th of June 2021.
  • The number of participants is limited in all group activities: about ten persons are allowed in the same space at one time. The size of the group must be smaller if the space limits the activities.
  • Day activities in psychiatry and day activities for the elderly: limited only to persons who according to assessment are in most need of support.

  • Koivutupa: open functions that does not require signing up is on hold.

  • Day and work activities for the disabled:
    • The activity centres in services for the disabled: persons who live at home and persons who live in housing services are kept separate. Work and day activities are arranged in the housing services units for persons who live in housing services. These arrangements apply until the 30th of June 2021. More information from the activity centres.
    • Green Care services: continue as before, but meals etc. are arranged separately for persons who live at home and for persons who live in housing services.
  • Recommendations regarding visits in housing services until 30.6.2021:
    • When relations/close people come to visit safety precautions must be followed in accordance with instructions from the unit.
    • It is important that visits are made only if one has no symptoms.
    • It is recommended that the unit is contacted before a visit so that the visit can be arranged in a safe way.
    • More information from the housing services units.
  • Respite care:
    • Persons who have symptoms of the cold or who have been exposed to the coronavirus cannot be taken in for respite care. The client must have a negative test result from a coronavirus test.
  • Travel service centre:
    • Client transportations are not combined in Soite's area until after the 30th of June 2021. Disruptions may occur when it comes to transportations.

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