Changes in Soite due to the coro­n­avirus epi­dem­ic — a sum­ma­ry

According to information from the Finnish institute of health and welfare Thl, it is likely that the coronavirus epidemic is going to spread, although no epidemic has yet been detected in Central Ostrobothnia.

Soite imposes restrictions in order to prevent the coronavirus epidemic from spreading, and is getting prepared to move personnel to the units where they are needed the most. This is why:

  • Soite opens a separate coronavirus clinic.
  • The opening hours have changed in some units in Soite
  • Appointments and operations that aren’t urgent are cancelled. Clients are informed personally of the changes.
  • Visit to Soite's units are prohibited!
  • We ask you to contact us at a later date if your call is not urgent.
  • We recommend clients use our electronic services to as great an extent as possible.
  • Do not go to work if you have symptoms of the common cold or are otherwise ill. An incapacity to work may be approved by the boss for seven (7) calendar days and we recommend this practice for all employers in Soite’s area, so that the health care units aren’t burdened with requests for sick leave notes.
  • Soite has forbidden its employees from making any work trips and we recommend that they avoid travelling outside Central Ostrobothnia even in their spare time.
  • Soite’s personnel predominantly has meetings with the help of remote connections, and some of the personnel work from home.

Link: Do this if you suspect a coronavirus infection

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