Coro­n­avirus recep­tions

Instructions on how to act if you suspect a coronavirus infection

In Soite's area, patients with symptoms of the common cold or the coronavirus are tested and treated at the infection receptions at the health care centres as well as at the paediatric emergency clinic.

Please always contact the infection reception and the paediatric emergency clinic by phone. A health care professional makes an assessment of the need of care and the patient's treatment begins based on the assessment. If needed, the patient is given an appointment.

Adults, over 15-year-old persons who have become ill:

Under 16-year-old persons who have become ill:


A person who suspects a coronavirus infection or has symptoms of the cold should always first call Soite’s coronavirus helpline. If needed, s/he will be given a test appointment.

Coronavirus tests are done at the infection receptions in Soite as well as at the paediatric emergency clinic.

Dri­ve-in test­ing site in Kokko­la

The drive-in testing site is located by Kokkola healthcare centre near the so called Libeck hospital (Mariankatu 28). The lanes at the testing site are only used for coronavirus testing, and no other assessments are done here. Coronavirus tests will also continue to be taken in separate rooms at Soite’s infection receptions. Testing of children has also been centralized in Kokkola to the drive-in testing site.

The instructions on the drive-in lanes must be read and followed. It is prohibited to drive onto the drive-in lanes without a test appointment.

It is pos­si­ble to receive the coro­n­avirus test results as a text mes­sage

It is possible for a client to receive the result from coronavirus test done in Soite as a text message on the mobile phone. The client’s consent is needed for this.

The consent for sending text messages can be activated electronically in Soite’s Omahoito service: The consent for sending text messages is in the section “Contact info”. To make it possible to send text messages to you, please check both of the boxes concerning text messages (please see the pictur below).

The pic­ture shows the box­es in the Oma­hoito ser­vice that need to be checked
so that the test results can be sent as a text mes­sage.

We recommend that the other information in “Omat tiedot” is also checked to make sure it is up to date.

The test results can also be checked on the My Kanta pages, or you can contact your own health care station to ask about the results. The results come back on average in 1-5 days. Before the results have come back, the person who has been tested should be in home quarantine.

If your coronavirus test is positive, Soite's infection prevention unit will contact you by phone.

If your health deteriorates, call Soite's common emergency clinic, 06 826 4500 (persons who have turned 16) or the paediatric emergency clinic, 06 826 4444 (persons who have not turned 16). Please mention during the call that a coronavirus test has been taken.


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