Infor­ma­tion on the coro­n­avirus sit­u­a­tion on the 20th of July 2020

One new case of the coro­n­avirus has been con­firmed in Soite’s area dur­ing the week­end. The infect­ed per­son is at home. Those that have been exposed to the virus have been traced and they are in quarantine.

No coro­n­avirus patients are cared for on wards. 32 coro­n­avirus cas­es have now been con­firmed in the area of Cen­tral Ostro­both­nia hos­pi­tal district. 

Coro­n­avirus tests are done with a low thresh­old on Soite’s coro­n­avirus recep­tions and at the pae­di­atric emer­gency clin­ic (las­ten päivystys/barnakuten) when a per­son has symp­toms of the coro­n­avirus. We encour­age seek­ing out test­ing even in case of mild symp­toms that fit the coronavirus.

We inform about the coro­na sit­u­a­tion only as need­ed, if the sit­u­a­tion changes, i.e. we will not pub­lish reg­u­lar updates any­more.


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