Infor­ma­tion on the coro­n­avirus sit­u­a­tion on the 26th of March 2020

The sit­u­a­tion is still fair­ly calm in Soite’s area and the prepa­ra­tions pro­ceed accord­ing to plan.

No new coro­n­avirus cas­es have been found today either. Soite per­forms tests on about 30 per­sons a day and the tests are sent to Oulu Uni­ver­si­ty Hos­pi­tal for analy­sis. The results come approx­i­mate­ly with­in 24 hours. We are still wait­ing for the results from some of the test­ing that was done last week (Fri­day and Sat­ur­day). The delay is due to con­ges­tion at the Finnish Insti­tute for Health and Wel­fare Thl.

The coro­n­avirus clin­ic and the coro­n­avirus helpline have not been con­gest­ed. The sit­u­a­tion is also fair­ly calm on the wards.

The num­ber of per­sons who have con­tact­ed the health care cen­tres has decreased remark­ably. This can, unfor­tu­nate­ly, lat­er lead to stress being placed on the emer­gency clin­ic and on spe­cial­ized care if the health prob­lems are not treat­ed in time. We are, there­fore, inform­ing those who live in the area of the fact that non-urgent patients are still treat­ed in the recep­tions, but main­ly remote­ly by phone or electronically.

The fact that Soite’s haema­tol­o­gist, chief physi­cian in oncol­o­gy and chief physi­cian in infec­tious dis­eases are wor­ried about per­sons in at-risk groups still being out and about in pub­lic places was dis­cussed at the meet­ing. The task group decid­ed that Soite will also epha­size in its com­mu­ni­ca­tion that peo­ple of all ages that are in an at-risk group should stay at home in quar­an­tine. Peo­ple of all ages that are in an at-risk group should also use deliv­ery of gro­ceries or ask close per­sons for help when it comes to get­ting med­i­cines from the phar­ma­cy or items from the store. They shouldn’t go to pub­lic places

The list on changes in the open­ing hours and oth­er changes in Soite was not changed.


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