Infor­ma­tion on the coro­n­avirus sit­u­a­tion on the 5th of May 2020

Soite's coronavirus task group has a daily meeting and updates the situational picture. The situation is still calm in Soite’s area and the preparations proceed according to plan.

The situation is unchanged: no new coronavirus cases have been confirmed today in Soite’s area. No coronavirus patients are cared for on wards. Overall, 17 coronavirus infections have been confirmed in Soite, and all chains of infection have been traced in Soite’s area.   

The situation is very calm on the coronavirus clinic, in the infection units and on the coronavirus helpline. Coronavirus tests are done with a low threshold when a person has symptoms of the coronavirus.

The Finnish government held a press conference on the 4th of May 2020 about its new decisions on restrictions, and Soite has now assessed how the national guidelines affects Soite and its services. In Soite, the new decisions only have an impact on school and student health care. Preparations are made for opening school and student health care, and the nurses begin to receive clients at schools again when the schools open. We informed earlier about what to do about schooling if a child or a parent belongs to an at-risk group.

The guidelines from the Finnish government do not lead to changes in visiting restrictions. The visiting restrictions still apply in Soite’s units and at the central hospital.  

The list on changes in the opening hours and other changes in Soite was changed when it comes to vaccinations during the pandemic - a separate announcement is made about this.


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