Infor­ma­tion on the 31st of May 2021 on the sit­u­a­tion­al pic­ture in Soite regard­ing the coro­n­avirus – one new coro­n­avirus infection

The cur­rent sit­u­a­tion of infection

One new coro­n­avirus case has been con­firmed in Soite’s area. The infec­tion was con­firmed in a per­son who was already in quar­an­tine. Two COVID-19 patients are cur­rent­ly being treat­ed at Cen­tral Ostro­both­n­ian cen­tral hospital.

The key fig­ures in the sit­u­a­tion­al pic­ture have been updated:

  • The number of coronavirus cases during the last 14 days: 88 (a week ago: 168)
  • The incidence of infections during the last 14 days/100.000 citizens: 114 (a week ago: 217)
  • Two COVID-19 patients are currently being treated at Central Ostrobothnia’s central hospital.
  • 1.1% of the coronavirus tests are positive (a week ago: 1.7%). During week 21, 2230 coronavirus tests were taken.
  • The total number of coronavirus infections that have been confirmed in Soite since the pandemic began: 475
  • The epidemiological situation in Central Ostrobothnia: community transmission phase

Even though the num­ber of coro­n­avirus infec­tions in Soite’s area has begun to decrease, there is still a risk that new exten­sive expo­sure sit­u­a­tions may occur. It is there­fore very impor­tant that every­one care­ful­ly fol­lows the rec­om­men­da­tions regard­ing social gath­er­ings and the hygiene rec­om­men­da­tions for pre­ven­tion of the spread of infec­tions. Remem­ber to fol­low updates on when vac­ci­na­tion opens for your own age group! The coro­n­avirus vac­cine pro­vides effec­tive pro­tec­tion against the severe form of the coro­n­avirus disease.

The Region­al State Admin­is­tra­tive Agency of West­ern and Inland Fin­land (AVI) has made new deci­sions regard­ing the restric­tions on social gath­er­ings in Cen­tral Ostrobothnia:

  • In the Central Ostrobothnia region, the number of participants in public events and general meetings will be limited to 10 people indoors and to 50 people in enclosed outdoor spaces for the period from 2nd to 15th of June 2021. If the local situation so requires, it is possible for the municipalities to make decisions that tighten or supplement the restrictions imposed by the AVI. Additional information in AVI’s message (in Finnish).

Regard­ing social gath­er­ings, the region­al COVID-19 author­i­ty task group’s rec­om­mends max 10 peo­ple at pri­vate social gath­er­ings indoors and max 20 peo­ple out­doors for the peri­od from 2nd to 15th of June 2021. Read more in the region­al COVID-19 author­i­ty task group’s mes­sage.

Changes in the open­ing hours of the coro­n­avirus helpline

The open­ing hours of the coro­n­avirus helpline will change as of June 1st 2021. In the future, the coro­n­avirus helpline on 06 828 7499 is open every day from 8 am to 4 pm (pre­vi­ous­ly, the line was open on week­days until 5 pm).

Remem­ber to seek out coro­n­avirus test­ing imme­di­ate­ly even if you have only mild symp­toms. You can book an appoint­ment for coro­n­avirus test­ing through the Omaolo ser­vice online or through Soite’s Coro­n­avirus Helpline 06 828 7499 / children’s hos­pi­tal phone 06 826 4444. Link: How to book an appoint­ment for a coro­n­avirus test


Coro­n­avirus vac­ci­na­tions are pro­gress­ing well with­in Soite’s area. Cur­rent­ly, vac­ci­na­tion is open for all res­i­dents over the age of 40 as well as 16–64-year-old per­sons who belong to risk group 1 or 2 and have an ill­ness or con­di­tion that is very high­ly or high­ly pre­dis­pos­ing to severe coro­n­avirus disease.

Appoint­ment book­ing by phone will open anew on Tues­day 1st of June 2021 at 12 noon and more appoint­ments will also become avail­able in the Oma­hoito elec­tron­ic appoint­ment book­ing sys­tem on Tues­day at 12 noon. Appoint­ment times will be added to the elec­tron­ic book­ing sys­tem at oth­er times as well if they become avail­able due to can­cel­la­tions or sud­den increas­es in the num­ber of vaccines.

Soite’s coro­na vac­ci­na­tion indi­ca­tor has been updat­ed. In total, 49% of the cit­i­zens in the Cen­tral Ostro­both­nia health care dis­trict over the age of 16 have now received their first vac­cine dose.12 per­cent of per­sons over the age of 16 have received their sec­ond vac­ci­na­tion dose.

Please fol­low Soite’s chan­nels on the web and on social media as well as the local media in order to see when your age group has the right to a vaccination!


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