Soite expands the coro­n­avirus test­ing to the health care cen­tres — Soite has now its own test­ing appa­ra­tus at the cen­tral hos­pi­tal

Central Ostrobothnia Joint Municipal Authority for Social and Health Services Soite expands coronavirus testing to the infection units at Kannus and Tunkkari health care centres as of this week. Having a testing apparatus at the central hospital will speed up the testing process and makes it possible to increase the number of tests.

The Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare THL published new guidelines on coronavirus testing on 15th of April 2020.  The coronavirus tests will expand in Soite in accordance with the strategy by the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health. According to the new guidelines, following persons should from now on be referred to tests:

  • all patients in primary and specialised health care who have symptoms that could indicate a coronavirus infection, or when there is, based on an assessment by a doctor, a justified reason to suspect a coronavirus infection.
  • social and health care personnel and other essential workers if it is suspected they have an infection

Soite expands coronavirus testing and starts to do tests in the infection units at Veteli and Kannus health care centres. Tests continue to be done in Kokkola on the coronavirus clinic, in the common emergency clinic and the paediatric emergency clinic.

From now on, all patients with a cold who need to come to a reception are treated in an infection unit. In Kokkola, these patients are treated on the coronavirus clinic, and patients outside Kokkola are treated in infection units in Kannus and Veteli (Tunkkari). Those who live in Kruunupyy are treated either in Kokkola or in Veteli (Tunkkari). If self-care is enough, one can stay at home and testing is not needed.

Työplus will also start to do coronavirus testing. Empolyees in Soite who are suspected of having a coronavirus infection are referred to Työplus.

Soite’s own testing apparatus speeds up the diagnostic process.

Soite has started using its own testing apparatus to test patients for the coronavirus. The apparatus that is now in the laboratory in Kokkola will complement the testing capacity in NordLab. A few dozen tests can be analysed with the new testing apparatus per day, and the results are ready within a few hours.

Soite will primarily use its testing apparatus to analyse urgent cases. Soite will then quickly have the information on whether e.g. a patient who has come to the emergency clinic needs to be isolated or if the personnel who cares for him/her needs to use all protective gear. Quick diagnostics will also speed up the work on ward 9, which functions as a coronavirus sorting ward.

In addition to its own diagnostics, Soite will continue to send tests to NordLab’s laboratories for analysis. The results from NordLab come within a day.

Soite has done a few dozen coronavirus tests a day and the number will increase in accordance with the new guidelines.

The goal is, in accordance to the strategy by the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health to:

  • prevent the epidemic from spreading, to protect at-risk groups and to make sure there is enough essential personnel and that the health care system is able to bear the load
  • to effectively trace the chains of infection
  • to get as exact a picture of the of the epidemic as possible, so that the information can be used to assess the necessity of restrictions, their proportions and their length.  

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