Soite’s area remains in the accel­er­a­tion phase – rec­om­men­da­tions in effect until 17th of Jan­u­ary 2021

Cen­tral Ostrobothnia’s region­al COVID-19 author­i­ty task group gath­ered on Tues­day 5th of Jan­u­ary to eval­u­ate the region­al sit­u­a­tion­al pic­ture as well as the region­al direc­tives and rec­om­men­da­tions. Soite’s area remains in the accel­er­a­tion phase of the coro­n­avirus spread and the cur­rent restric­tions and rec­om­men­da­tions remain in effect until 17th of Jan­u­ary 2021.

The inci­dence of coro­n­avirus has increased mod­er­ate­ly over the past few days in Soite’s area The inci­dence of infec­tions dur­ing the last 14 days/100 000 cit­i­zens is 9 and of the coro­n­avirus tests 0.5% of the coro­n­avirus tests are pos­i­tive. Most of the recent infec­tions are con­nect­ed to traveling.

Cen­tral Ostrobothnia’s COVID-19 author­i­ty task group decid­ed that Cen­tral Ostro­both­nia remains in the accel­er­a­tion phase of the coro­n­avirus pan­dem­ic. Cur­rent rec­om­men­da­tions regard­ing the coro­n­avirus sit­u­a­tion remain in pow­er until Sun­day 17th of Jan­u­ary 2021. The Region­al State Admin­is­tra­tive Agency’s direc­tive that social gath­er­ings should be lim­it­ed to 10 peo­ple remains in effect until 17th of Jan­u­ary 2021.

Cur­rent direc­tives and rec­om­men­da­tions regard­ing the accel­er­a­tion phase with­in Soite’s area are list­ed on Soite’s coro­na web­site. Link: rec­om­men­da­tions.

The COVID-19 region­al group of author­i­ties in Cen­tral Ostro­both­nia has its next meet­ing on the 13th of Jan­u­ary 2021.

No new coro­n­avirus cas­es have been con­firmed in Soite’s area after the infec­tions report­ed yes­ter­day on the 4th of jan­u­ary 2021. No patients with COVID-19 are cur­rent­ly being treat­ed at the Cen­tral Ostro­both­nia Cen­tral Hos­pi­tal. Link: sit­u­a­tion­al pic­ture.  


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