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Pos­i­tive coro­n­avirus cas­es con­firmed in Soite. From the 13th of Sep­tem­ber 2021, the num­ber of coro­n­avirus cas­es that have been con­firmed dur­ing the pre­vi­ous week is report­ed once a week on Mondays.

13th of March 2020: 1 case

14th of March 2020: 1 case

23th of March 2020: 1 case 

27th of March 2020: 1 case

28th of March 2020: 1 case 

2nd of April 2020: 2 cases

6th of April 2020: 1 case

8th of April 2020: 1 case

9th of April 2020: 3 cases

11th of April 2020: 2 cases

13th of April 2020: 1 case

19th of April 2020: 1 case

4th of May 2020: 1 case

10th of May 2020: 2 cases

11th of May 2020: 4 cases

27th of May 2020: 1 case

31st of May 2020: 2 cases

2nd of June 2020: 3 cases

4th of June 2020: 2 cases

20th of July 2020: 1 case

24th of August 2020: 1 case

2nd of Sep­tem­ber: 1 case

13th of Sep­tem­ber: 5 cases

14th of Sep­tem­ber: 1 case

19th of Sep­tem­ber: 3 cases

22nd of Sep­tem­ber: 1 case

23rd of Sep­tem­ber: 1 case

26th of Sep­tem­ber: 2 cases

2nd of Octo­ber: 3 cases

5th of Octo­ber: 5 cas­es (+3 infect­ed per­sons who live out­side of Soite)

5th of Octo­ber: 3 cases

6th of Octo­ber: 3 cases

8th of Octo­ber: 3 cases

10th of Octo­ber: 5 cases

12th of Octo­ber: 2 cases

15th of Octo­ber: 2 cases

19th of Octo­ber: 5 cases

23rd of Octo­ber: 1 case

26th of Octo­ber: 2 cases

27th of Octo­ber: 1 case

29th of Octo­ber: 3 cases

30th of Octo­ber: 2 cases

2nd of Novem­ber: 3 cases

3rd of Novem­ber: 1 case

4th of Novem­ber: 2 cases

5th of Novem­ber: 1 case

9th of Novem­ber: 1 case

11th of Novem­ber: 1 case

12th of Novem­ber: 3 cases

13th of Novem­ber: 4 cases

15th of Novem­ber: 4 cases

16th of Novem­ber: 1 case

18th of Novem­ber: 2 cases

19th of Novem­ber: 1 case

20th of Novem­ber: 3 cases

21th of Novem­ber: 1 case

24th of Novem­ber: 2 cases

25th of Novem­ber: 1 case

26th of Novem­ber: 6 cases

28th of Novem­ber: 6 cases

29th of Novem­ber: 1 case

1st of Decem­ber: 2 cases

2st of Decem­ber: 1 case

3rd of Decem­ber: 3 cases

5th of Decem­ber: 1 case

6th of Decem­ber: 1 case

7th of Decem­ber: 1 case

8th of Decem­ber: 1 case

9th of Decem­ber: 1 case

13th of Decem­ber: 1 case

15th of Decem­ber: 1 case

28th of Decem­ber: 2 cases

29th of Decem­ber: 2 cases

30th of Decem­ber: 1 case

4th of Jan­u­ary: 2 cases

7th of Jan­u­ary: 1 case

10th of Jan­u­ary: 1 case

15th of Jan­u­ary: 1 case

19th of Jan­u­ary: 3 cases

20th of Jan­u­ary: 3 cases

21st of Jan­u­ary: 1 case

22nd of Jan­u­ary: 1 case

23rd of Jan­u­ary: 1 case

26th of Jan­u­ary: 1 case

27th of Jan­u­ary: 3 cases

28th of Jan­u­ary: 2 cases

29th of Jan­u­ary: 2 cases

30th of Jan­u­ary: 1 case

31st of Jan­u­ary: 1 case

1st of Feb­ru­ary: 2 case

2nd of Feb­ru­ary: 3 cases

5th of Feb­ru­ary: 2 cases

6th of Feb­ru­ary: 2 cases

7th of Feb­ru­ary: 4 cases

8th of Feb­ru­ary: 1 case

9th of Feb­ru­ary: 1 case

10th of Feb­ru­ary: 1 case

11th of Feb­ru­ary: 1 case

12th of Feb­ru­ary: 1 case

13th of Feb­ru­ary: 1 case

14th of Feb­ru­ary: 1 case

16th of Feb­ru­ary: 1 case

17th of Feb­ru­ary: 2 cases

18th of Feb­ru­ary: 4 cases

20th of Feb­ru­ary: 3 cases

21st of Feb­ru­ary: 1 case

23rd of Febuary: 3 cases

24th of Feb­ru­ary: 2 cases

25th of Feb­ru­ary: 4 cases

26th of Feb­ru­ary: 2 cases

27th of Feb­ru­ary: 1 case

2nd of March: 1 case

3rd of March: 1 case

4th of March: 3 cases

5th of March: 3 cases

7th of March: 3 cases

10th of March: 3 cases

13th of March: 2 cases

19th of March: 5 cases

21st of March: 1 case

24th of March: 1 case

28th of March: 2 cases

31st of March: 3 cases

1st of April: 5 cases

2nd of April: 3 cases

3rd of April: 2 cases

8th of April: 2 cases

10th of April: 1 case

12th of April: 1 case

28th of April: 1 case

6th of May: 1 case

7th of May: 7 cases

8th of May: 3 cases

9th of May: 3 cases

10th of May: 6 cases

11th of May: 5 cases

12th of May: 16 cases

13th of May: 15 cases

14th of May: 10 cases

15th of May: 14 cases

16th of May: 21 cases

17th of May: 23 cases

18th of May: 11 cases

19th of May: 11 cases

20th of May: 11 cases

21st of May: 11 cases

22nd of May: 7 cases

23rd of May: 8 cases

24th of May: 5 cases

25th of May: 6 cases

26th of May: 5 cases

27th of May: 5 cases

28th of May: 3 cases

29th of May: 4 cases

31th of May: 1 case

3rd of June: 1 case

4th of June: 3 cases

8th of June: 1 case

9th of July: 1 case

12th of July: 2 cases

16th of July: 1 case

21st of July: 1 case

23rd of July: 1 case

24th of July: 1 case

27th of July: 1 case

29th of July: 3 cases

2nd of August: 3 cases

3rd of August: 1 case

4th of August: 2 cases

5th of August: 1 case

6th of August: 3 cases

7th of August: 10 cases

8th of August: 6 cases

9th of August: 3 cases

10th of August: 4 cases

11th of August: 6 cases

12th of August: 6 cases

13th of August: 6 cases

14th of August: 3 cases

15th of August: 3 cases

17th of August: 2 cases

18th of August: 1 case

19th of August: 7 cases

20th of August: 6 cases

21st of August: 6 cases

22nd of August: 3 cases

23rd of August: 2 cases

24th of August: 5 cases

26th of August: 3 cases

27th of August: 10 cases

28th of August: 1 case

29th of August: 1 case

31st of August: 3 cases

1st of Sep­tem­ber: 2 cases

2nd of Sep­tem­ber: 3 cases

3rd of Sep­tem­ber: 3 cases

4th of Sep­tem­ber: 6 cases

5th of Sep­tem­ber: 2 cases

Week 36: 36 cases

In total: 650 cases

THL updates infor­ma­tion on:

Nation­al sta­tis­tics can be found accord­ing to home munic­i­pal­i­ty on THL’s web­page (in Finnish). THL reports the coro­n­avirus infec­tions on its web­page accord­ing to home munic­i­pal­i­ty irre­spec­tive of where the test was done. On this page we report the num­ber of pos­i­tive test results that have been diag­nosed in Soite. 


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