Soite’s coro­n­avirus task group informs on the 25th of May 2021 — 6 new cases

Soite’s coro­n­avirus task group gath­ers main­ly on Thurs­days, but because of the wors­ened coro­n­avirus sit­u­a­tion, the group has gath­ered three times a week. The pre­pared­ness is in accor­dance with plan.

The cur­rent sit­u­a­tion of infection

Six new coro­n­avirus cas­es have been con­firmed in Soite’s area. Over 75% of the infec­tions that have been report­ed late­ly have been con­firmed in peo­ple who are already in quar­an­tine, but infec­tions are still also being con­firmed among peo­ple who are not in quar­an­tine. Cir­ca 830 peo­ple are cur­rent­ly in quar­an­tine in Soite’s area.

There is still a risk that new exten­sive expo­sure sit­u­a­tions can occur. The list of all pos­si­ble places of expo­sure can be found at:

Three COVID-19 patients are cur­rent­ly being treat­ed at Cen­tral Ostro­both­n­ian Cen­tral Hospital.

The same coro­na guide­lines for infec­tion pre­ven­tion also apply regard­ing virus mutations:

  • reduce the number of close contact to a minimum - i.e. avoid all unnecessary social gatherings!
  • be sure to use a protective mask – mask use is recommended for everyone older than 12 years!
  • maintain a safety distance of 2 meters
  • maintain good hand hygiene
  • follow regional recommendations and regulations

We urge every­one who has even mild symp­toms indica­tive of coro­n­avirus to quick­ly seek out coro­n­avirus test­ing. You should not go out­side your home even if you have only mild symptoms!

If you have symp­toms, stay at home and book an appoint­ment for coro­n­avirus test­ing immediately!

Remem­ber to seek out coro­n­avirus test­ing imme­di­ate­ly even if you have only mild symp­toms. You can book an appoint­ment for coro­n­avirus test­ing through the Omaolo ser­vice online or through Soite’s Coro­n­avirus Helpline 06 828 7499 / children’s hos­pi­tal phone 06 826 4444. Link: How to book an appoint­ment for a coro­n­avirus test

The coro­n­avirus test result will be sent auto­mat­i­cal­ly to your mobile phone as a text mes­sage if you have agreed to this. You can also check your result in the Omakan­ta ser­vice. You have to stay in quar­an­tine at home until you receive the test result.

Vac­ci­na­tion cer­tifi­cates avail­able at the My Kan­ta Pages

Finland’s dig­i­tal COVID-19 vac­ci­na­tion cer­tifi­cate will be avail­able in the My Kan­ta pages as of May 26th. Soite’s coro­n­avirus vac­ci­na­tion data can be viewed in the My Kan­ta pages after the client has received their 2nd vac­cine dose. Finland’s COVID-19 vac­ci­na­tion cer­tifi­cate will con­tain infor­ma­tion of the COVID-19 vac­ci­na­tions received by the cer­tifi­cate hold­er. The Finnish cer­tifi­cate can be used only when cross­ing the bor­der to an EU Mem­ber State that accepts it as proof of COVID-19 vac­ci­na­tion. Each EU Mem­ber State can decide for itself whether a nation­al vac­ci­na­tion cer­tifi­cate enti­tles the hold­er to cross their bor­der. There­fore, the Finnish cer­tifi­cate does not mean that its hold­er can trav­el freely every­where in the EU.

As a rule, peo­ple should avoid trav­el­ling, as the epi­dem­ic sit­u­a­tion is bad in sev­er­al coun­tries. Before trav­el­ling, peo­ple should always check the COVID-19 sit­u­a­tion in their des­ti­na­tion and, before return­ing home, they should check the sit­u­a­tion in Fin­land and take care to fol­low the lat­est recommendations.

You can use the Finnish vac­ci­na­tion cer­tifi­cate until the EU COVID-19 cer­tifi­cate becomes available. 

Addi­tion­al infor­ma­tion in THL’s mes­sage.


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