The appoint­ment book­ing for coro­n­avirus vac­ci­na­tions opens again on Tues­day the 23rd of March 2021 at 12 p.m.

In accor­dance with the rec­om­men­da­tions from the Finnish Insti­tute for Health and Wel­fare Soite pri­or­i­tizes the elder­ly when it comes to coro­n­avirus vac­ci­na­tions. Thus, tele­phone appoint­ment book­ing is orga­nized so that appoint­ments for coro­n­avirus vac­ci­na­tions are giv­en only to those over 70 years of age dur­ing the first hour.

Cur­rent­ly, the vac­ci­na­tions of the pop­u­la­tion are pro­gress­ing when it comes to fol­low­ing groups:

  • everyone over the age of 70 in Soite’s area as well as informal caregivers and other elderly persons (over the age of 70, e.g. partner) who live in the same household. If an informal caregiver or partner who lives in the same household is vaccinated at the same time, the appointment should be booked by phone for both persons. Informal caregivers under the age of 70 are vaccinated with a different vaccine on a different day.
  • 16-69-year-old persons who belong to risk group 1 and have an illness or condition that is highly predisposing to severe coronavirus disease. More information on the website of the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare THL 16-17-year-old persons who belong to risk group 1 are not vaccinated at the mass vaccinations. Instead, they are contacted by Soite’s unit for children and young people in order to arrange a vaccination appointment. Informal caregivers to and persons close to persons who belong to risk group 1 and live in the same household do not have the right to vaccination at this stage.

Per­sons who belong to risk groups should be pre­pared to prove that they belong to a risk group when they arrive at the vac­ci­na­tion site (e.g. by show­ing their Kela card or a copy of their epi­cri­sis or pre­scrip­tion). To risk group 1 belongs 16–69-year-old per­sons who have an ill­ness or con­di­tion that is high­ly pre­dis­pos­ing to severe coro­n­avirus dis­ease: vac­ci­na­tions for risk groups (THL).

Appoint­ment book­ing for coro­n­avirus vac­ci­na­tions will be opened on Tues­day 23rd of March as follows:

  • telephone booking on 06 828 7488.
    • between 12 p.m. and 1 p.m. appointments will be given only to persons older than 70
    • from 1 p.m. forward, vaccination appointments are given to anyone over the age of 70 as well as 16-69-year-old persons who belong to risk group 1.
    • The telephone line is open as long as appointments are available. At other times, those who call will hear a message on the phone. You can also book an appointment for an elderly person by phone.
  • electronic appointment booking in the Omahoito service on the address: will open for all groups currently eligible for vaccination on Tuesday 12 o’clock. Log on to the Omahoito service with your online bank user identifiers (or some other means of strong identification) in order to book an appointment for yourself. You can book an appointment for another person if you have made an agreement regarding this. Read more: (in Finnish)

The elec­tron­ic appoint­ment book­ing runs more smooth­ly and we rec­om­mend that you book your appoint­ment online if pos­si­ble. The elec­tron­ic appoint­ment book­ing is eas­i­ly over­bur­dened imme­di­ate­ly after the appoint­ment book­ing opens, so there may be prob­lems in the func­tion of the Oma­hoito ser­vice. The ser­vice func­tions nor­mal­ly when the num­ber of vis­i­tors decreas­es, so when the sys­tem is over­loaded, it is best to wait a moment and then reat­tempt using the elec­tron­ic appoint­ment booking. 

If an infor­mal care­giv­er or part­ner who lives in the same house­hold is to be vac­ci­nat­ed at the same time, the appoint­ment book­ing must be done by phone for both.

We have also start­ed call­ing all the per­sons in the area old­er than 80 who have not yet received the vac­cine, but if you have not received a call, it is a good idea to book an appoint­ment your­self or for an elder­ly relative. 

You can fol­low how the vac­ci­na­tion pro­gress­es in the area with the help of Soite’s coro­na vac­ci­na­tion indi­ca­tor, which is updat­ed on Mon­day afternoons.


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